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Severe Weather Updates & Other Important News 

 Summer is a season of extreme temperature changes.  Heat and humidity combinations can lead to temperatures feeling like it is 100 degrees or higher.  Be safe this summer by following these very simple tips.

  1. Always stay hydrated by carrying water with you. 
  2. Monitor the time you spend outdoors and shield yourself from the sun.
  3. Never leave anyone, especially children, pets, or seniors in locked vehicles. 
  4. Wear sunscreen.  Don’t believe the myths that people of color can tolerate the sun.
  5. Come indoors or take shelter whenever there is a threat for severe weather like thunderstorms.  Don’t take chances.
  6. Don’t try to drive through ponding or high water during flood watches.
  7. Make sure your car is ready for the summer heat.  Get routine maintenance to avoid overheating.

 As children of the Lord, we trust that God will keep us safe from harm and danger.  The Lord also provides us wisdom and knowledge to prepare ourselves if the situation arises. Here are a few links that offer suggestions on how to be ready for severe weather conditions.

The AME Church also links with other sites to offer information to stay safe and healthy during this season. See our link below. another

If the weather is threatening your area, you can still receive the Word of God at any time, to offer encouragment and prayer.  Mount Sinai's  Word WithOut Walls (WWOW) Bible Study is held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm.

Dial-In Number 1-209-255-1000

Participant Access Code 761574

Dial-In Number for previous lessons is 1-209-255-1099

*Use the same Participant Access Code (761574#) and select any Reference number up to 85 to hear messages through June 2014.