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Health and Wellness

M.W.W. - Men Walking for Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit.©

Calling all Men to "Walk it Off".©

M.W.W. - Men Walking for Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit.©
Calling all Men to "Walk it Off".©
Joshua 1:1-7 and 6:12-16
June is Men’s Health Month
International Health Commission of the AME Church
Bishop Harry Seawright, Commission Chair, Rev. Natalie Mitchem, Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Miriam Burnett, Medical Director

What are we walking off?

Walk off Stress, Walk off Doubt, Walk off Anger, Walk off Frustration, Walk off Extra Body Weight, Walk off Fear, Walk off Insecurity, Walk off Aggression, Walk off Rage, Walk off Addictions & Walk off Poor Health.

What are we walking to?

Take a brisk daily 20 to 30-minute walk in freedom, faith, forgiveness, grace, victory, recovery, restoration, healing, patience and wellness.
Starting Sunday June 11 M.W.W. - Men Walking for Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit©.
Walking Instructions - Walk….
Indoors or Outdoors. In your office. Walk “in place”. If you are differently challenged lift your legs, stand and sit or twist from your waist, move as much as you are able and/or walk slowly. Try a “Walking Meeting”. Walk to lunch. Try a walking break. For every hour you sit, walk 5 minutes. Try walking for 1 mile. A Walking Prayer or Walking Bible Study. Invite men in wheelchairs to participate and men that use walkers and canes to walk slowly with you or the group.
Start a M.W.W. Group = Men Walking for Wellness in your church, at work and in your community.
Starting Sunday June 11 log on to and click the tab to enroll yourself and/or your group in the M.W.W. – Men Walking for Wellness – Mind, Body and Spirit©

Why are we walking?

1. Walking helps to fight “dementia, heart disease, peripheral artery disease, obesity, diabetes type 2, depression, colon cancer and erectile dysfunction.” (
2. Walking helps to reduce “vascular stiffness, inflammation, mental stress, blood pressure and cholesterol.” (
3. Walking fights belly fat, promotes a healthy waist size, tones abs and releases endorphins that help reduce stress and promotes happiness.
4. Walking gives one time to talk to God. To listen for guidance and direction from God. It can provide time to connect with Jesus and Holy Spirit thru prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Provides time to sing and listen to songs of worship and praise that leads to peace of mind and clear thinking.
5. Walking provides space to walk off all negative behaviors, thoughts and emotions into freedom, faith, forgiveness, grace, victory, recovery, restoration, healing and wellness.

All clergy lead all of the men (of all ages) in a kick-off walk for Men on Sunday, June 11, 2017 before, during or after your worship service. *Assign a man to lead the M.W.W. Group
During the June 11 kick off walk the men will declare the following: (Joshua 1 & 6)

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